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Thread: Warfront question in regards to most efficient use of time

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    Default Warfront question in regards to most efficient use of time

    I was curious I recently started doing Warfronts and while im still learning PVP I wanted to know which warfront is best to do during the week as far as time vs reward.

    I have heard both Black Garden and Library but was curious which was better. I have seen higher prestige and favor from Port though per match.

    On my server/battlegroup defiant seem to have about a 25% win ratio due to lack of teamwork everyone seems to want the highest numbers as far as kills and dps/hps.(very few healers even the clerics and mages are dps most of the time)

    Thank you for any advice. Or if there is a site that is dedicated to PVP I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    new to pvp

    Go support/heals untill r4.

    as far as best just que and whichever pops take it. i lean to stay away form port because if it ends up being a blowout you get less favor/prestige while you get farmed for 40 minutes then if you lost 2 BG/Librarys.
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