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I've seen very, very few pyro/doms in warfronts since 1.6 went live.

It still requires top tier gear as an entry point, as you have to give up overload and a whole slew of other damage buffs which you get going deeper pyro. You basically need to have spellpower up the yin yang (I run with around 1900 counting vengeance)

Plus, it will still perform sub-par played by the average player. The average player (even a geared one) quickly notices that they do far better using a less demanding spec, and moves on.

TLDR: Spec has a higher performance ceiling, but a lower average, than most other mage specs right now. You'll never see a ton of people in 31 pyro 31 dom.
Yes. Finally someone who knows what he is talking about. (I am NOT being sarcastic). Spot on!