Dumping points into deluge to increase it's effectiveness is something I do not do. In that respect, I agree with you absolutely. But I do use it when I need it, when it is more beneficial to me than even a healing grace. Granted these situations are very rare due to my positioning, but so are the times when I might die on my cleric.

If I see that one of the three+ dmg dealers is a dedicated eradicating rogue then I will use the healing grace. However, a dedicated eradicating rogue is extremely rare nowadays. I used to see it in very organized premades, but most of those premades no longer play rift. Most people that do run rogues usually go with the melee rogue. Those that actually go MM tend to not even have an eradicate on their hotbar.

The melee rogues are not stripping my hots, and the MM rogues tend to spam Fan Out. IF they somehow are not spamming fan out, they rather do abilities that produce damage. Rather than an ability that does 0 damage, and just strips buffs. Those that actually do have the brains to strip my buffs with eradicate often find themselves alone. Which in itself defeats the purpose. If they are eradicating, I am not getting hurt. I start healing others, and if he does attack me I toss a heal on myself. In essence, he doesn't have the burst alone to take me out or even pose a threat. If they are lucky they will have one person with them. However, one eradicating rogue, and another dmg dealer is not enough to bring me down.

My point really is that coming across an eradicating rogue that is actually working with a rank 8 fully geared extremely heavy hitting damage dealer is just so rare it's like a fairytale. Everyone talks about it, but no one's ever really seen it. This is why in my experience deluge seems like an ability that I should use. Before, I had to use healing grace more often, but now not so much.