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Thread: PvP Server/Battlegroup ?

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    Default PvP Server/Battlegroup ?

    So after hopping around to multiple shards I'm thoroughly disappointed at the lack of PvP players still in the game. I spend most my time waiting in queue wondering around the daily PvP quest wilderness reconsidering that subscription. I realize the game is losing accounts daily but are there any quality population servers left that have both moderate warfront queue times as well as competitive open world PvP?

    Ideally it wouldn't be a server that isn't imbalanced to one side or the other, but atm I'm so bored I'd rush into a raid just to change the status quo. Any information on shards/servers that have PvP players still playing would be helpful. Thanks.

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    You're thoroughly disappointed at the lack of PvP players still in the game because the PVPers are thoroughly disappointed at the lack of PvP content in the game.

    Trion stating they have no current plans for a PVP zone (easiest way to implement RvR hint hint) was the final nail in the coffin for those that were at least riding it out until the new batch of games.

    Dayblind, Deepstrike, Briarcliff are your best bets as the EU servers tend to be a little "slow on the stick" as per competitive mmo play.

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    PvPers these days need to be led by the hand to do PvP. Trion isn't doing that, so they leave.
    Even free cost too much now

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    dayblind ftw #1 pvp server

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