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Thread: Hear me out, Hit should continue working in pvp

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    Default Hear me out, Hit should continue working in pvp

    For all those who will TL;DR or worse, I have a singular point:
    • There should be choices associated with PvP gear.

    With that being said, let me explain. Everyone should not be only wearing the full sets of their classes pvp gear along with a sigil/source machine full of the same essences everyone else picks. Yes, it'd be more fair, but it's not fun. There need's to be some choice involved. Not everyone wears their full PvE sets.

    Let them trade off some of their valor to be more lethal, more power to them. With the advent of valor augments, there will be more choices for lower ranks and that's great, but there should be the option of using valorless items to pick up stats in quantities that you normally cant gain through PvP gear. Yes, R1-4 will get a kick out of using crafted valor items, but you will rarely see them after that point(perhaps Marksmen/RNG with 4/4 deathbringer will show up).

    There is a problem.
    A lot of hit can be gained through ones weapons, which in PvP, do not have any Valor. This is the one thing that destroys that cost/benefit of hit in PvP. There needs to be a reitemization, either at the next highest level, or across the board to fix this issue.

    Either hit needs to be moved off of weapons and redistributed onto slots that normally don't get hit, or PvP weapons need a massive boost(add valor, add a lot of vengeance to them, or do something so that choosing a PvE weapon means giving up something of equal or greater value). This is the easiest place a PvPer can easily get a lot of hit and it hurts the game.

    Magic Resist and Focus need apply too
    There is a lot of Physical avoidance that is easily received for a PvP player, however Magical resistance is not. Magic classes need choices too, which means that there needs to be an easier method to gain resists for PvP. I'm not sure how to go about it, but Focus needs to be as important as hit is in a competitive format for it to be ok. Magic damage is the most prevalent and used in Warfronts today and having it toned down a bit by resists shouldnt destroy it.

    Hit's good, I'm happy other than PvP weapon choices to counter hit on PvE weapons.

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    Hit/focus has no place in pvp period.

    get your pve out of my pvp cake trion.
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    Sorry but hit scaling in this game is ******ed.

    320 hit Bypasses my innate dodge AND my +50% dodge CD.

    If anything Hits value should be divided 4 in PvP.
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    Hit is fine, its scaling is the problem

    If they lowered its effectiveness a bit, it would be fine.

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