I'm just curious if any other clerics out there have found any spec that isn't terrible for small-scale world PvP? I'm am R5 cleric, and I've done over 1.5 million damage in Scion as a cabalist, but I just feel useless in open world PvP when any other class jumps me. It seems like 51 inquis performs a little bit better, but it's not exactly dominating in 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 world PvP encounters.

So far it seems like the only useful world pvp spec I've found is warden, and that's useful in the sense that at least I can just run away or hope someone else is around to help me, but somehow, that's not very satisfying.

I'm not saying I expect to beat an equally skilled equally ranked warrior or rogue if they get the jump on me, but I'm pretty sure a fairly bad R2 warrior could jump me if I were cabalist and he'd probably kick my ***. I'm not crying for nerfs, just honestly curious if any other clerics out there have found a good "walking around" spec?