Warfront Idea: Telaran Hero Battle (Non-gear based PvP)


The idea is to create a non-gear based PvP Warfront that allows the players to assume the roles of the ancient Telaran Heroes. Each hero soul would have it's own preset gear, stats, and skillbar. Because of the preset nature of this Warfront, combat in it would be uninfluenced by gear and prestige rank.


The idea would involve an objective based map, perhaps one with capture points like codex (or a similar mechanic). Players entering this Warfront would be able to talk to an NPC at their starting spawn and be allowed to choose one of the Heroic Souls that correspond to their calling.

For example, a mage would be able to choose the soul of Neddra the Warlock. Immediately after choosing this soul, the player would be given set gear statistics, a preset weapon, and a preset skillbar that corresponds to their hero. Each heroic soul would also have special skills that are normally unusable by players. These skills would help balance the Warfront and make up for weaknesses that particular souls may have in PvP.

When a player dies, they can respawn and talk to their starting NPC to choose a different soul or keep the one they have and simply use a teleporter pad to go down into battle. This mechanic allows teams to adjust to the fight by choosing soul combinations that better complement those of their teammates after a crushing defeat.

Each Teleran hero could also have its own unique graphic model that the player assumes once the soul is selected.

This warfront is a fun idea that would allow non-gear based PvP to happen between players of all prestige ranks. There would also be a new notoriety group that would provide rewards that are themed towards the ancient Telaran heroes. Some of these rewards may include special wardrobe pieces that might have been worn by the ancient heroes, trinkets that summon their power, remakes of special weapons that the heroes might have used, and etc.

This warfront would also put some of the in-game lore into good use.