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Thread: Warfront "Contribution Zones"

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    Default Warfront "Contribution Zones"

    I would be interested in hearing feedback regarding the pros and cons of having "warfront contribution zones" which give increased rewards for people who actively participate in the "pvp hotspots" within warfronts.

    I propose that the system should track total team contributions in a way similar to what it does now. But instead of everyone getting similar favor/prestige like the current system allows now, each person should get a chunk of the final team reward based on their participation at the critical objectives located throughout the various warfront maps.

    For example, using abilities (or simply going afk) near the spawns or starting areas in warfronts would grant you zero contribution points, and therefore you would receive zero rewards for staying in the graveyard. Once you move out from the graveyard a bit, a player would enter a low-contribution area and could begin to receive a minor amount of contribution points for fighting in these areas. This low-contribution zone could give a reward of something like 10% contribution compared to fighting near a flag or other important objective.

    The closer a player moves to a critical map objective location (like a node, flag, or shard), the faster his or her contribution would accrue. Fighting within fifty feet of a critical objective location could allow a player 100% contribution bonus, while fighting 100 feet away might only allow 90% contribution bonus.

    With a "contribution zone" system, you could even create a mechanic that would penalize the stronger team for fighting at the spawn point of the weaker team. Players could actually lose contribution points for killing an opponent within a hundred feet of their spawn point or graveyard.

    At the end of the match, the system would calculate the available rewards for each team based on the final score, and the contribution point system would determine how each player was rewarded based on their participation at important locations around the map. Players who spend most of the game fighting at important objectives would receive far higher rewards than those who do little or nothing throughout the game.

    I believe that a system similar to this would improve pvp in two important ways. First, it would eliminate (or drastically disincentivise) warfront afk'ers. Secondly, it would provide an alternative goal for a team that is faced with the likelihood that they will not be winning the game outright. If it becomes apparent that your team is simply not going to beat the opposing team, you can still fight to get the biggest chunk of rewards that your team will eventually earn.

    Damage abilities would have to be weighted against healing or buffing abilities, and the math would have to be worked out very carefully I am sure. Initially, I can see how it would take some time to balance out contribution so that it generally awarded points in a way that was consistent with actual contribution.

    A system like this would create a "game within a game" in warfronts, and I believe it would go a long way toward removing the discouraging mechanics that currently hinder Rift pvp. As it stands now, players have very little incentive to venture out and participate in games that seem unlikely to end as wins. Heck, throw in a cash prize for the top three contribution leaders. Something like 50 gold for the highest contribution player, 35 gold for second, and 20 gold for third. Maybe a random-loot bag that could have a couple potions, a Silver Artifact, rare-quality valor essences, or a Combat Banner inside.

    I am sure there have been a thousand threads like this, but these are just some specific ideas I wanted to kick around with everyone. Try to be gentle with the flaming, I am certainly not proposing that these ideas are the perfect solution to the frustrations within Rift PvP. I just wanted to get some feedback so I could discuss these ideas with my theorycrafting buddies.

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    Sometimes less is more. There's no need to make a mess of the rewards system to try to steer players to the right spots to haul off and do nothing. And there's no reason to set up a system where players in transit (ie. running back from a GY) risk getting lesser rewards because they're away from a "contribution zone."

    The system is what it is. You get more from winning than you do from losing. That's really all that needs to happen.

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    Good ideas. Would like to see that happen. Sort of like the sourcestones in PvP rifts offering more rewards when you fight near them.

    The way to eliminate wf afk'rs, is to grant zero favor\prestige while you are in the "start circle" area of the map. As in you need to actually move from it and down into the game-play area within "x" seconds of spawing or else your favor will be reduced by the amount that you gained during the time you were afk at the end. An "adjustment" if you may. If you make "x" = 20 seconds, afk'rs disappear (this protects against someone gaining favor in the 2-3 seconds they are spawning/buffing/planning after death, and accidently getting penalized for standing still for a short amount of time)

    Every game I've played has thought of this, Trion's **** squad is too busy lowering the HP of HK bosses to see things like simple logic.
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    I like the idea of the home spawn zone being a no score area if you are alive and spawned.

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