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Thread: Recreational Warfronts

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    Default Recreational Warfronts

    Here's an idea. Since we seem to have a ton of people complaining in this forum that PvP should be equal, that it shouldn't be about gear, it's about skill, etc, etc. then let's open up a totally new avenue of PvP: Recreational Warfronts.

    Recreational Warfronts got what people crave: Fun!

    And we're not going to taint or ruin any one's fun by attaching your typical MMO gear grind to RecWars. It's all about fun, right?


    No prestige/favor gain.
    All stats are normalized to the equvilant of Rank 1/2 PvP gear.

    No one gets any advantage from wearing their Rank 8 gear, nor does anyone get an advantage by showing up in full HK gear. It's all equal! That's the fun part.

    If you're a fresh 50 who just wants to blow off some steam, or a full Rank 8 tired of facerolling entire raids by yourself, jump into the RecWars. It's a fun, level playing field for all.

    And judging by the opinions on this forum, the RecWars would be ridiculously popular and have super-low queueus because we know it's what everyone wants!

    We ALL know true PvPers aren't interested in gear or character advancement. They don't their time spent to be an advantage over another player. All they want is a fun, level playing field!

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    I have said this was a good idea long ago but why no favor/prestige gain?

    be perfect way to get to r6 or so, if you don't like the view from the grave yard.

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    Nice tongue-in-cheek post btw.

    It's really all a question of where you draw the line.

    Noone would argue that in the pre-lvl50 warfronts that Lvl 10's should Cue with Lvl 40-49's. But essentially the same diferentiation exists in the lvl 50 warfronts.

    For all intents and purposes in PvP - a R8 is a lvl50 and R1 is a Lvl10.

    This just doesn't work. And it is especially doesnt work when a bunch of High ranks decide to coopt a Warfront for long periods of time.

    Noone is saying that individual charachters should not benefit from the gear they have amassed, but lets balance the playing field and give them a challenge. Weight the pvp ranks and cue accordingly. See my post here: http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...rank-read.html

    And on the PvP servers frontiers, go nuts - roam and kill all the lowbies you want. Thats what people there signed up for.

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    Don't know if troll but the stats should with the old gear before valour change

    I aprove this thread for the sake of rift
    I quited Rift, the lack of end game pvp+Gear based game+AoE zerg fest on many WF just kill the way i like pvp. (am p7,5)
    Small Skirmishes all over the place
    Currently am playing SC2 and Team Fotress 2, if you like skill based balanced games, try then out, btw Team Fotress 2 is now FREE!

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    The whole point of the prestige rank and gear is so you can get an advantage over players in PVP. What is the point of separating them into groups depending on ranks? Then everyone is the same and there was no point in getting the new gear because no matter what you do you are going to be the same. If they want everything to be equal and level then they should not get rewarded for it. It just not challenging that way.

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    Now I know what's going to make me quit this game, if the dev's listen to stupid pvp whine threads like this one and many others.
    Quote Originally Posted by Muspel View Post
    I believe Assassin DoTs are uncleansable.

    It's still a terrible PvP spec compared to Marksman, though.

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