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Thread: Many Rogues specs are already balanced... why make them overpowered.. sigh

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    Quote Originally Posted by jianna View Post
    And are you telling me that every single Chloromancer or healing Cleric that cannot be killed by marks or sins are just amazing players?
    Ha. That is a good one. As a bard, I more often than not lose to most skilled players 1 vs. 1, but I can't even get a terrible cleric's HP's below about 30-40%. Not that they can kill me either, it's just a never ending fight between us. Any halfway decent player of any class SHOULD be able to kill a absolutely terrible cleric, but that just isn't the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finis View Post
    Wow, seriously, wow.

    Care to attach data to that? Because my anecdotal evidence says mmo veterans tend to stick with that they know, I've been playing rogues since EQ pvp (you though Rift pvp sucked, ha!) and I've had a rogue or rogue like character, with varying success, in every game I've played since.

    What I read into your statement is "I tried a rogue in WoW vanilla after watching World of Rogues, and had fun for a bit, but then I went back to my lawladin/shaman and owned faces. I was able to own rogues easily after spending 20 hours a day playing and gearing, so obviously rogues suck and are only played by new players"

    But anecdotal evidence is anecdotal, and just as useless as yours.
    So which class in rift did you first level as your main again? Rogue? oooooor maybe was it cleric?

    Bads are mads.

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