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Thread: Match starts with uneven teams

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    Default Match starts with uneven teams

    I'm sure others have noticed this. I had a match of Codex last night and when the match started, I think it was 6 Defiants vs 3 Guardians. They quickly captured codex along with other points. I don't think team numbers were ever even and by the time the match was over it was a total blowout.

    Why would the match even be allowed to start if one team had twice as many players? At that point it's not even worth playing to win...

    Of course bringing this up during the match only brings on QQ's and "stop whining" comments
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    If they didn't force it to be faction verse faction you could just have a equal team settings that shuffles them into even team. But as long as they keep faction divided it is tough to setup a perfect system where this never happens.

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