I have a few really good stories.

So I was in Scarwood on my level 34 warrior, and I came across a level 35 Defiant rogue. I killed her, and she said she was AFK (I still got EXP and favor). She came back and asked to have a real duel. I accepted and she beat me while she had about 4%hp left. Because it was a duel, I didn't "die" but I had 1 hp. So afterwards she thanked me for a good duel. I threw a windspear at her (killing her for real) and ran away.

Another one, I was in Shimmersand on my (at the time) 48 rogue, when two R6 Defiant warriors start murdering me over and over. I called in some guildies and we had a war in Fourtune's Shore between 7 Guardians and the 2 Defiant warriors and every other Defiant that passed through. After about 30 minutes of everyone dying at least 10 times, the Defiants ran away. It was an epic battle.

What's YOUR favorite PvP story?