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Thread: So, its Scion weekend. Tips for Trion

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    Default So, its Scion weekend. Tips for Trion

    Trion. Please please make pvp about fighting people, not mobs.

    I played PS all evening and I have never had so little fun in this game. Get rid of all or most of the PVE BS PLEASE. Half the time,we frig'n pass each other on the way to each others boss, where we proceed to have an undefended race to who can kill the stupid mob first. All for totally crap prestige and favor. Over and over and over. Had a couple good PVP fights, defended bridge, ran shards.. and lots of PVP.

    This is mostly Trions fault for making such a poorly implemented scenario. Who thought it was a good idea to encourage people to fight a mob AND not try to defend your MOB. Double fail.

    I would love to have version of PS where there are zero mobs, zero pve quests. Not even in the church.

    And this goes for most of the warfronts - try to find a way to stop the camping of spawns - reminds me of the camping the PKBS in DAOC. That always led to less fun for both sides.

    What I really pray for is open world pvp that is fun AND offers rewards/time similar to the warfronts. Guess that may be hard as long as most servers are so imbalanced.

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    This is Trion trying to copy WoWs Alterac Vally, except with some twists to make it "different."

    However, Trion forgot something. Old AV was a lot better than the new AV.

    Fights lasted for days with the old AV, and was really fun, and you really felt awesome when your team won.

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    I think if you have ever played an MMO where contested mobs mattered a great deal and meant something, the gimmick in scion makes total sense.

    Take Eq2 in the days of Avatar contested mobs where they dropped jaw dropping loot. You think guilds on PvP servers always got free cracks at them? On PvE servers, killing an avatar just meant showing up before others. On PvP servers, killing it meant killing it while also not being killed by other people since the mob your working for is dropping the best loot in game. I realize it doesn't translate pound for pound in scions case, but the concept of contested mob and stopping a raid from killing a mob has had its pvp intense moments at times. Though I'll admit, blocking a raid to kill a mob that gives them ~300 more prestige and favor than you is a bit different than trying to block a raid killing the toughest mob in the game that drops amazing loot, as far as desire to care for some people.
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    Original Cabal nation war had it right! Thats what PS should be. Except much larger map and less narrowing paths (thats one thing that would be annoying if such a map existed in Rift. AoE fodder.

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    ive had a ball haha, with both rush rush and proper pvping!

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