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Thread: Port question

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    I seen this over and over and hear the same response In Port. It is no fun going for idols, mini boss and main boss. It is more fun if you run stones and control bridge and farm prestige. Then we lose cause the guardians are dong the smart thing. Therefore, I like to ask how you getting more prestige by losing and how is it fun.

    How is doing the same thing over and over in port and losing each time more fun than winning. How does losing each time more prestige? I am wondering as it makes no sense to me. To me winning is fun.

    I am just wondering as I see the same people doing the same thing. Bridge, then run stones. They do this even if score 700 guardians to 300 defiant. It absolute makes no sense to me. Since when I ask in port I get named called and other things. I figure I ask here and some one can make this make sense to me.

    To me winning is fun. A fast victory allows me more time to get into more warfronts and more wins. As it would make sense that winning gives better rewards or did I get this wrong losing gives better reward. Yet, these people are very determining to do the same thing over and over again. Itís like Custard last stand. Nothing will stop them from charging in and die. Thus, help make sense of this.

    It has been going on now for a month and the same people are doing the same thing. So I must be missing something. Does losing actually give you more prestige? This is Trion after all and I can never be sure.


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    Everything aside from a pure mathematical standpoint...yes of course if you can get enough kills as the loser it will outweight the cost of winning, a point does exist. But it is like saying how often does the team who wins a football game have the least amount of rushing/passing yards compared to the other team. It is possible to tilt the scale but generally, the people winning are usually able to hold their own and get the most kills as well.
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