We have rank 8 players melting the living **** out of fresh 50s in green/blue gear. Got their free 750 valor? It takes an extra millisecond to go through that and melt them anyway. Good call on that solving anything. All the while, because they've got their FREE normalized valor they don't bother now to learn how to spec for pvp.

So basically the requirement to be in our high rank Warfronts at 50, is level 50.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have PVE. Where you need not just level 50, but xxx amount of focus/hit/toughness to even queue for specific dungeons/raids. Why? Because it's not fair to put a blue/green warrior into a T2 and asked to tank. Or ask a mage who just replaced his last piece of green gear pushing 600 spellpower to dps in GSB.

They (the man) talks about not separating low ranks from high ranks because that just doesn't fit into solving anything. Really? Or is it too difficult to manage the server clusters to deal with it? I have no clue actually.

Not only do those that are high rank have to put up with absolutely inexperienced players EVERY single Warfront... (hey it's okay those of you that aren't belligerant, we were all low rank) but then they rage quit pvp in general because they keep getting obliterated, berrated and basically **** on every warfront. I don't do that, but people pick them out and harass them all the time.

All the while, they've taken the BIG high end incentives (more valor, synergy crystal, trinkets, etc) to stick with it out of pvp armor sets! WTF?!? We melted them before, but at least they had something to strive for.

Anyway, thought I'd get that off my chest. Back to melting low rank defiants!