Not sure how many times its been mentioned in here before but.

OPvP zone is already there!

An available Opvp area already exists but is closed off...That shaded area between Stonefield and Gloamwood ( I believe) that is the true Port Scion could easily be opened to both sides.

All they would have to do is implement control points that mean something. 2 central Points (1 defiant 1 guardian) and numerous outlying outposts Capable of being guild controlled which gives either faction controlling the most a bonus to the faction. Be it crafting, raid drops, basically a guild perk on steroids take your pick.

This would give PVP's (such as myself) and PVE'rs something in common to work for the bonus effecting the whole of the faction (and so no arguments would insue timer said bonuses to once a week) so no bloodthirsty for a month straight and no raid bonus drops either.

I'm and Old DAOC'r Tried WAR looked at AOC always went back to DAOC for the Kills in RVR its simple enough to implement JUST DO IT already and keep a decent game going strong.