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Thread: Warrior has 10 min or immunity from damage

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    Default Warrior has 10 min or immunity from damage

    I que for black garden with my guild as we always do (one of the few honorable ones). Together as an unstoppable force careening through a lower valley swallowing everything in our path. As o approached a r5 warrior, (forgot the spec) I commenced with my sequence of chants , battle cries, taunts, etc etc. And as I finished writing my / em. *death*, and posted it, he didnt even show the slightest bit of fatigue?? WTF why are warriors immune to my attacks? This re occured throughout the battle, I followed the rules of RPing engagement to the "T". Can someone identify this baddie so that us "true" pvpers can continue to slaughter the masses. *winks goodbye*
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    Awww, this post is like a little fat kid trying to do push ups. You're trying hard, lil buddy, you're just not going anywhere.

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    The tongue-in-cheek was so subtle most people will miss it.

    I predict many misdirected flames.
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    my warrior only gose immune for like 12-15secs max i must be doing somthing wrong and its not all attacks its to certain damage

    must be doing somthing wrong...
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    Well played sir


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