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Thread: what trion have missed out on reading

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    Default what trion have missed out on reading

    1. rank 8 gear should have had different skins (complete lazyness)
    2. low end pvp should be split form higher end ranks, its had for this to be enoyable for the new rift player
    3. PvP is about competitiveness (yet this is a farm fest)
    4. no pvp titles for certain achievments just prestige rank titles
    5. trion obversly never played as a rank 8 why would i wanna do another wf after the massive grind i did to get there
    6. PvP Stops when you hit rank 8
    7. premade wf, no such thing 5/10 players is not a premade
    8. classes are not equalised

    im sure there are many more im just feed up of pointing them out

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    Default slight correction

    Trion considers a Premade 3+ which makes this point even more obscene..

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