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Thread: A few PvP questions

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    Default A few PvP questions

    I had a great deal of success as a Cleric in Pvp, but as I try out the Mage and Warrior classes, I find they seem to have distinct disadvantages. Just my experience so far so this is more question than comment really. My warrior makes a great tank to steal the fang, but the short range and relatively few ranged spells seems to make things alot harder. And is it a good idea to even have a pet in the warfronts? Once dead they take a loooong time to recast....
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    You'd probably want to log-parse to determine if pets are worth anything.

    It's worth noting, though, on the Mage calling - Necromancers get exhume, which lets them cast their pet fast, and Warlocks get opportunity, which can proc an instant cast.

    Not yet there to test myself, but I'm told that at 50r8, a mage with a warlock/chloromancer/necromancer build (or variations thereof) are one of the most effective at pvp, in terms of damage and survivability.

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    Most PVPers I see don't run pet builds in pvp.

    Warriors are primarily melee; you have to learn to stay in melee range. Most warriors in pvp have some range in their spec with range abilities in their macro, which helps mitigate the problem of not being in range for periods of time.
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