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Thread: The New PvP Changes

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    Default The New PvP Changes

    ok you stopped PVE'ers from Qu'eing in warfronts so we might have less players that just stand there and dont listen or know what there doing because pvp gear dont work so well in pve now. <---- this is a good fix

    you gave 30% reduction to all pvp rank sets <--- again another good fix but it would of been better if you just split up the warfront ranks so only rank 1 to 4 and 5 to 8 would end up against each other.

    the vengeance new pvp stat is ok but there is no way to increase it right now and you didnt have to nerf the pvp gear that was a stupid move.

    use your heads and think things through of the possible outcome before touching any content in the future.

    and i forgot to mention PvP seems done for me now it feels horrible i think you broke it
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