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Thread: Idea regarding CC and DR

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    Default Idea regarding CC and DR

    This came up in another thread but it was kind of OT to that thread so I thought I'd bring it to a new one so it doesn't get mired down.

    One of the concerns I see a lot is that CC is "useless" because the DR system is producing a lot of "Immune" messages when you try to CC someone in a clutch.

    One of the things that used to drive me bonkers before the DR system we have now was put into place was the number of abilities that carry a CC component. Pyromancers had their stun proc for a while. Stormcallers..well...is there anything a stormcaller does that doesn't snare/root you? Now that Cabalists are shining in warfronts we're seeing a lot more AoE snares applied by Maelstrom. Titan's Strike with its ubiquitous AoE stun. The list goes on.

    I'm not talking specifically about AoE abilities which serve the primary purpose of applying CC because those have their uses. I'm talking specifically about abilities that players would be using in PvP situations whether they came with a secondary CC effect or not.

    So what I'm proposing, rather than reworking the DR system again, is to take a look at abilities that carry secondary CC effects and tune them to function in PvP without those CC effects. The idea is to apply less "random" CC and make CC something that is used selectively for a purpose. And with less "random" CC flying around, the selective use of CC might be more effective because fewer people would be on seemingly constant DR immunity.

    So the Stormcaller and Cabalist can still shine as AoE powerhouses, but they aren't triggering CC immunity via DR simply by using the spells and abilities that make them viable. Yes, removing the omnipresent snare/root effect from the Stormcaller arsenal would make it harder to lock other players down in their hail of AoE, but they might appreciate not having everyone on DR when they need to drop a snare/root and beat feet to save their lives. And if players aren't snared in SC AoE, it might warrant a buff to SC AoE damage, since getting out of the rain of death would be more a function of paying attention and less a function of whether or not you had a mobility CC/Break Free/DR immunity to save your arse.

    Yes, adjusting Maelstrom would make it easier for people to run out of their impending doom after being yoinked into a cluster, but the same thing applies...sacrificing a little AoE potency for the improved viability of CC as a defensive option. Champions aren't likely to miss the stun component from Titan's Strike in PvP (does anyone still play deep champ in warfronts?) and their teammates might appreciate being able to land a stun of their own in a situation gone wrong to buy a little time.

    I understand that from the PvE end of things, players often like to head off in the world and round up groups of mobs and cook them all down because...well...it's fun. So that shouldn't be sacrificed for the sake of PvP. But if we're talking about PvP that "doesn't require skill" and features "useless" CC because of the DR, clearing out some of the secondary CC might help. AoE is good but attentive players can still get out of it without having to blow a CD (attentiveness being a part of skilled play) and CC becomes more of a decision and less a passive effect.

    Edit to clarify: My purpose in referencing specific abilities isn't to single out any one ability, soul, or calling but simply to illustrate the concept I'm trying to get at.
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