Sorry if this has been answered before, but I went back 3 pages, and really didn't want to go back the other 100.

I was wondering if anyone knew how prestige was calculated. I get messages in my combat tab giving me prestige and favor together. In Codex, it's often 20 prestige for a kill, although I do get other numbers occasionally, but in Black Garden, I get all kinds of different numbers, from 2 prestige to 10. I don't think I've even seen 20 like I get in Codex though. My guildie says he gets 80 prestige from a kill in Black Garden. He's a warrior dps in r6+ gear and I'm a cleric in R3 and PvE gear, but I can't figure out how prestige is calculated. I'd like to be able to figure out which map is best to farm prestige in, but that's kind of tough with such varied numbers.