So, I havent read over completely the nerfs to heals and clerics in PvP. I do realize they are much less affective now then before, and I'm not complaining.

My question is about Soul Purge. Was the healing from Soul Purge affected the same way a clerics heals were? The more they cast Soul Purge, does it do less healing?, Does it do less damage? I'm not crying about it, but it just seems udderly rediculous, its any dumb mages fail safe. Tab target dots >SP, Rings/Repeat. With the recent upgrades do spells not consuming as much(cant remember the name)Stuff..Soul Purge can be constantly cast, does a ton of a dmg, and heals rediculously.

Maybe I'm out of my element, and it does have negative effects the more its cast within a certain time, but if it doestn. It certainly needs to be. If not, they should go back on the changes they've made to other heals in PvP.