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Thread: allow premades in pugs or remove premades from pugs completely!

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    Default allow premades in pugs or remove premades from pugs completely!

    Hello, im starting to get sick of this system, allowing premades in pug after a few games or whatever it is for lower populations it means they get in pugs all the time with 2 min queue or so with 5 man team... for higher population we cant do a premade because it means 30 mins queue or more.. and im sick of having to face the same premades 3-4 games in a row .. yes, in a row that means their queue was as fast as my solo queue in weekend bonus.. ofcourse after the bonus in normal days their queue is FASTER than my normal queue. without being able to make my own premade to fight them back because of the huge queue time due to the current system.

    so i am asking for this system to be changed back to what it was before, allow premades in the same queue as solo so we can actualy make premades too and not only lower populations.. or just separate them completely so i dont meet premades every game with my solo queue.
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