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Thread: Escalation: Whitefall Steppes Intended or Not?

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    Default Escalation: Whitefall Steppes Intended or Not?

    If a player holds the Fang and dose not hand it in no new Fangs spawn.

    So a leading team can do this and farm the other side.

    A losing side can do this and hope some how miraculously get/steal fang(s) back.

    Either way it slows the game down and kills the fast paced action of Escalation.

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    While it can be abused for faming purposes a tad, it also can seem to have some legitimacy if your team communicates. Like if you snag the first stone out of a heated battle...I can see holding onto it until your team has the middle secured so that you don't get another spawn with enemies all over. Whether that is intended or not though I don't know.

    Although I did find my opponents holding the stone once to try and farm my team. I was on my rogue and stealthed in their base and saw 4 of them standing around with the stone. One said in /say, "why are we holding the stone?" I /say'd from stealth right next to them "were farming the Defiants." There was a freeze moment...then he ran and turned the stone in fast. Was a good laugh ^.^
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