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Thread: Arena

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    Basically we need GW arena. You only win titles and cosmetics and gear doesn't matter. It really forces people to work on tweak their builds for different situations. It also promotes teamwork, something most of Rifts pvp kids need a lesson in. This would be a wonderful edition to this game because like me a lot of people pvp frequently. Having such a weak element of a game really hurts it in my eyes.

    But I'd also like to state like most other people Trion didn't mess up pvp the users did. Complete lack of team work and build variation destroy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woachaos View Post
    1. No it was not
    2. Yes it is, i want some competetive pvp and Arena offers this
    3. Hell yes it IS wanted by many players, at least some "sort" of Arena, doesnt necessarily need to be like in WoW. Like alrdy stated you won't be forced in Arena, but we want it as an option.
    I agree arena would be so sweet. and im looking ford to the day they add them. just a matter of time imo
    i love arena style pvp in MMO.

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    Simple, just feed it into the current Warfront system.

    i.e., start tracking lifetime stats, and hence build server leaderboards. From that you can cut the groups into divisions of players based on skill level, and put them in warfronts where you match higher lifetime ranked players with other higher level players on average.
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    so our score will be determined on things like damage/healing/kbs? What about tanks, dominators, etc? Wont this be biased against solo queue'ers? I win 10x as often in a group...I even said in the first post I hate playing with randoms.

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