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    ok so i made a new mage friend in game im a cleric healer both rank 8 both very skilled in mmo's we join a party and entered in BG wf, erm we came up against some of whitefall's best pvpers the two of us completey wiped the floor with everyone last night. This is no lie our team mates was so impressed they actaully sat back at spawn point and watched us farm the other team

    I think trion you really need to sort this PvP mess out, even the defiants was chearing us on and tbh it really wasnt to do with out skill it was just because i heal well and rotate my cd's and my new mage friend kills ppl in seconds

    come on lisern to the cry's on the forum SORT IT OUT

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    How has this lasted so long without comment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pretty fiendish View Post
    How has this lasted so long without comment?
    Having trouble typing through my teary eyes. I laughed so hard I almost p p d my pants.

    OP congrats on your stellar performance. Reality and playing against good players are inevitable solutions to your current bliss..

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