I'm not the hugest warfronter/pvp-er admittedly. I'm R3.5 and have 150,000 total favor. But, for what I have to say, I don't have to be the biggest PVP-er because I'm not going to carry a team alone anyways. Here's the deal, I have won 56 warfronts TOTAL in my entire rift career. From level 1 on. I have probably played in somewhere around 400-500. So, basically 90% of the time the warfront I join is a loss... and usually a big one... (lost Codex 4 capped 1000-7 the other night, ridiculous). I can only think that Defiants must have gotten a bunch of wins under their belt early on and their gear snowballed making them win more and more and more until they outgear everyone so much that it's hard to even win? I don't know. Maybe I have the worst luck in Rift ever and always join losing warfronts? I hear other people say they don't lose this often. Maybe I am a suck player in WF's but one suck player should not a losing team make.

Aside rant about warfronts in general not being much fun despite imbalance:

I've done PVP warfronting/battlegrounds since DAoC. I loved loved loved the BG's in DAoC. Keep battles and mindless roaming ganking was epic in there. So much fun. Then WoW... sucked. I hated almost all the warfronts, they were boring, repetitive, redundant. Arathi Basin and Codex are the same, Port Scion and Alterac Valley are basically the same, Warsong Gulch and Whitefall are the same. Booorrrring.
Warhammer's low level BG's were kind of fun but the higher I leveled the more bored I got with them. Can we get back to original concepts like sieging a town or castle or something?

So either we need as others have suggested seperate WF's based on Prestige rank, or at least a warfront that is more fun to lose in, or something. There is no reason anyone should win 10% of their PvP warfronts in existence.