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Thread: Just get rid of Valor already

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    Default Just get rid of Valor already

    Everyone is crying about seperating queues by rank, god mode mages, god mode clerics, PvP sucks for new 50s, PvP is not fair to new 50s, etc, etc, etc.

    Higher rank gear already gives higher armor, higher stats, higher dps, etc.......if there was no valor then new 50s could compete in PvP and there would be no "Rank 6-8 Gods" running around. I'm all for having the gear advantage from earning my higher rank but when I can sit there and kill 2-3 low ranks players and be damn near full health when I'm done, then this game is broken in my opinion. I don't care how bad the players may or may not have been. When I'm hitting like a Mac Truck and they are throwing spit wads at me, something is broken.......when three high rank players can wipe a full group of lower ranks simply because their healer is utterly invincible then something is broken.

    We need the queues to be fast so please don't seperate us by rank if you are at all considering that. Please get rid of Valor......it's the one worst thing in this game from a PvP perspective. I am happy to give up 1100 Valor for the long term health of this game as well as the spirit of competition.

    Before anyone starts making accusations, yes I am a mage, yes I am a rogue and yes I am a cleric. I have a warrior too but he's only level 30 at the moment.

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