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Thread: Rift Fortress: PvP Rift Progression

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    Default Rift Fortress: PvP Rift Progression

    The Dreaded Zerg
    The PvP Rifts and dailies have done a decent job of encouraging open world pvp and most people would say they are a good start. One problem I am noticing though, is there doesn't seem to be much of an anti-zerg mechanic, or any encouragement to put up a fight once you are outnumbered. The only option as it stands now is either avoidance (switching zones, doing wfs, or logging off), suicide, or, on the rare occasion, outplaying the opposition. Understandably, the outnumbered usually become demoralized quickly after getting repeatedly rolled and give up. This morning I thought of an idea that might provide more anti-zerg options to open world pvp, and might actually encourage direct confrontation.

    PvP Rift Progression: Increasing challenge and participation
    The basic premise would be to ramp up the difficulty once a faction starts dominating a zone. After completing several pvp rifts in a row a progression of more and more challenging rifts open up each time. Perhaps it starts with basic npcs spawning at the source. Then npcs guarding the crystal drop off spots. Then maybe the npcs grow in number and/or include elites/bosses. This progression could escalate upon each offenders success, eventually leading to a final "fortress challenge". This final pvp rift would be a defensible structure that defenders could hide in, respawn into and fight out of. The intention would be to allow the outnumbered force to stand a chance against the zerg.

    Here are some additional points:

    If at any point the offenders fail in their rift challenge the pvp rifts reset to normal.

    As the difficulty ramps up, so do the rewards. If the best rewards are based largely on actually killing opponents during each stage it would encourage participation and competition rather than just "pveing" your way through the rifts.

    If you don't want to participate in the progressive rifting you can wait for it to reset or simply change zones.

    There could be the cross-factioning problem that is seen in other games when one side will just "let" the other side progress to the end stage so everyone gets the big rewards. I'm not sure how to address that, but in my experience there is usually an answer to every problem.

    The entire progression from basic pvp rift to rift fort could take place on a reasonable time scale, perhaps two hours in best case scenario? That way it would be feasible to participate from beginning to end for a casual gamer, yet not long enough to dominate activity on the server.

    Work needs to be done on respawn locations. There are several rift locations now that favor one side or another. For instance, there is a spot in Stillmoor where a raid rift often pops that is at least a five minute run from the nearest spawn point. Spawn points should be addressed and may or may not be utilized as an added factor in rift progression.

    Yes, there are are other ways to deal with the zerg now but like I said, they mainly involve avoiding the fight altogether. We want to fight!

    For those that are willing and able, outgearing/outskilling the zerg is possible now in Rift, and would still be possible in this system.

    I would like to encourage discussion of PvP Rift Progression.

    The idea would be to increase difficulty for open world pvp rifts in order to encourage and support defense for an outnumbered faction. Ideally this would make open world pvp rifting more fun, challenging and rewarding for the zerg as well. It's a win/win!

    Thanks for your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Shags View Post
    .... I'm not sure how to address that, but in my experience there is usually an answer to every problem.
    I honestly don't know if your idea will work, but I will say /salute for a spirit of optimism and civility in the forum!

    (oh, and it sounds interesting, but (like many things in game) difficult to successfully balance. It's an idea, though, for progressing beyond what we have and towards a realm v realm idea, which I find intriguing...)

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