Damage != DPS.... there, is that simple enough? And having the most of it does NOT mean you are contributing the most to the match.

So last night in a WhiteFall, we lost 3/0 in about 6 minutes. It was a pretty frustrating match all-around, but perhaps the most frustrating were the epeen strokers in chat, who thought that having max damage meant they were carrying the match when all they were really doing was fighting over to one side where NO carriers went anywhere near.

To my eyes, having the most damage in WhiteFall generall means you are seeking out fights wherever you can find them, and not paying any attention to the carriers. If you happen to kill their carrier by accident, that's great, but it would probably be an accident.

Healing... topping healing doesn't necessarily mean you were the most useful healer either. If you spent all your time healing Rambo and his two sidekicks who were just seeking out the biggest blob of red names, to the exclusion of the goals of the match, then you contributed to the loss. So enjoy the big numbers.

To the newer PvPers... those numbers CAN be useful, but don't get tunnel vision. Lately I've seen lots of emphasis on "Mark their healers!!!!" Unfortunately that creates tunnel vision for those with poor situational awareness. They see the number over someone's head, and start attacking, completely ignoring the fact that the enemy's fang carrier just ran right by them. Killing the person with the nubmer on their head means nothing if the other team wins. You also have to pay attention to potential cross-healing. Sometimes there's a weaker link.

To the "vets"... you know who you are, because you read the team "vets" and instinctively puffed out your chest (brush off the cheetos dude). Smack talking the other side is fine. Berating and insulting your team members will NOT cause them to fight better, and may turn off any heals you had already been getting. Sarcasm is not your friend. If you see people making mistakes, try simply pointing it out, rather than screaming it out and cursing every other word. Claiming to be the only one actually trying is also a good way to get completely ignored and deemed irrelevant.