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Thread: The most balanced solution to the whole R1-R8 gear disparity, premades and candy!

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    The "RIFT" (harsh pun intended) between 1 faction and another on any particular shard is larger than ever especially after the favor prestige fest this weekend. A lot of interesting ideas are coming out so I hope the rift team are listening, (not too worried they seem to care better than any other support team from other mmos) as long as I dont have to feel like a mining node when I enter a warfront I will be happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VirusDancer View Post
    I often believe posts such as these and others are made by people that do not want Rank separation. They attempt to confuse the issue by offering other Rank separation schemes that simply do not make sense, in the hopes that people will start thinking off all such Rank separation plans the same way.


    It's that simple.

    It's not one of these off the wall and cumbersome separations. Do not let the Pro-R8-Rawfulstomping people fool you... they're not the same.

    Cast your vote for R1-4 & R5-8 in the November 2012 election.
    This is probably best. It's a bit like tier 1 and 2 actually.
    And people worrying about increased queue times, well, if they keep the current system up, the queue times will probably be longer with people leaving.

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