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Thread: Why PvP queues are long

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    Default Why PvP queues are long

    This thread is stating the obvious, but if I've learned anything I've learned that a lot of people dont see the obvious.

    PvP queues are long because many people don't find them fun, so they don't play them. I am one of them. When you lose 12 games in a row, and each game is a total blowout, you stop playing.

    PvP gear is gotten based on time. The more you play, the more you win, the faster you get gear upgrades. So if your faction wins 80%, 90%, of the time, you will just get even stronger in the future because you will outgear them. You will also discourage the losing side to keep play, thus weakening their side more and more.

    The way the game is structured, there is imbalance, and the imbalance grows over time. There are solutions to this, which have been stated elsewhere.

    1. Group matches based on gear rank. People would find it ridiculous if a pvp match had level 20s vs. level 45s. Rank1 gear vs. top rank gear is equally ridiculous. The people in top gear will whine of course, the ponit of mmos to them is they want to play a game so much where they get a distinct advantage over the opponent and beat on them. Much like the people who use haks in shooters. Since there will always be more casual players than hardcores, if you want to cater to the most folks you make the matches fair.

    2. Gear system based on skill, not time. With enough time, I can surf the web in one window and move my guy around every 30 seconds in rift, lose every game, and get the best gear in the game. In most games a few players doing nothing doesnt really make a difference, most games are won by one side blowing out the other. Rift needs to implement what the 'game rift was inspired by' does: some base gear is based off grind time, but the best gear is based of a matchmaking ladder system (you must beat the best to get the best). It would be very simple to implement a 3v3 small area with a few LOS world objects and a que.

    3. A handicap system. Keep a win/loss database for each faction, for each battlegroup. As one side wins more, handicap them. If the defiant win 3 games in a row, give the guardians a 10% boost to hp, dps, valor. If they keep winning, guardians keep getting stronger. Each time the guardians win their handicap gets reduced 5%. Thats one example, could be another, you get the idea. Oh, and if the defiant win when they are handicapped, they get even more rewards. I think this idea is win/win. The losers get stronger, they are happy. The winners get better competition and more rewards/hr by being handicaped, they should be happy.

    4. To me this is the only REAL total solution.. which wont happen but it just makes sense. Ignore faction, que based on even teams. First 20 toons in the que start a game, the computer tries to even up teams based on rank and class. Just like that other game, we all know there are more pvp players on the defiant side, and they are typically more hardcore. If you ignore faction youll get even matches, which will be fun for everyone. Does anyone who PvPs really care about the race stuff? Leave that for world PvP. This obviously will also make the fastest que times. You wont have 88 defiant waiting for 10 guardian to que up.

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    I must be imagining things then because my queue times are usually less than a minute at any give time during the day. Naturally if I queue at 3am it's gonna be longer but from 12:30pm to midnight I can get in within a minute.

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    #4. A lot.

    Even better, make it server vs server while ignoring factions. No one has pride in their faction, but I have not been in a wargroup where there weren't servers ragging on each other, could add some server pride into the mix.

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