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Thread: PvP - scaling for health, damage, healing

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    Default PvP - scaling for health, damage, healing

    Part I - resists

    Valor = "Resist All"
    Armor = "Resist Physical"

    Clearly, anyone doing Physical Damage is at a disadvantage as stats go up. Physical Resist on the target clearly increases faster than non-physical resists. The number may be small, but it cannot be ignored. For the naysayers who might say "it doesn't matter", fine, put the same Armor on Rank 1/2 and Rank 7/8 gear, and everything in between. The better solution would be to put an equivalent amount of Resist Earth/Fire/etc on pvp gear to match the reduction of Armor between ranks of gear. Warriors and Rogues are getting screwed here, as well as Cleric physical dps (shaman and druid?).


    Part II - damage versus healing

    Valor on your target, and Stats on your own armor, both rise as PvP gear rises. As a simple example, let's say that, on a pretend piece of gear, the new stats give you a 2% damage increase, but the same upgrade on your target gives you him a 1% damage reduction. You are now doing 1% more damage. A healer is doing 2% more healing. Clearly this would be a nightmare to balance. If the gear and stats are balanced for Rank 7/8 numbers, then anything below those ranks will result in DPS doing too much damage. If balanced for Rank 1/2 gear, then anything above would result in healers doing too much healing. Everyone that isn't healing gets screwed here, mostly the non-clerics though. This problem is compounded with Part V below, btw.


    Part III - Burning Powerstone

    Really? 200 spell power? Where is the 200 attack power, 4 hour duration, consumable? Clearly, spellpower and attack power are itemized equally, just check out the PvP crystal bonuses. There is no way a 10 dps melee whetstone (which costs twice as much to make, btw) matches up with 200 spellpower. And where is the love for ranged bows and guns? Whetstones don't work on that. Warriors get screwed here, and Rogues, and Ranged Rogues are getting double screwed.


    Part IV - Health among the callings

    Warriors have 4 callings that get a passive bonus to health. Gift of the Paladin, Reaver, Void Knight, Warlord. These passive bonuses exist in the "root" at 5pts - outside the normal talent path (these callings don't have 1 fewer passive talents than other callings). Clearly, these passive bonuses were meant for PvE tanking. These bonuses should not work in PvP. Yes, I know that they are not always the best specs for pvp, but even if someone puts 16 pts in a tree like Void Knight, why should they get a 7.34% bonus to health that other classes don't get, without paying for it? Since this is a percentage, it just gets worse as gear gets higher and higher. And, for environments like Escalation Whitefall, putting 50+ pts into tanking souls is not uncommon, and a 25% bonus to health really stands out.

    Yes, other callings have Tanking stuff which works in PvP - but at a cost. The cleric gets 90% increase to endurance, but at a 40% penalty to damage and healing. The rogue gets 30% increase to endurance at a 30% penalty to damage.

    The warrior passive tanking bonus needs to be excluded from pvp altogether, or redesigned to give a big penalty to damage.

    Please note in this section I am not talking about talents where you pay points and get more health. Those talents are fine, paying points for health (if you want) is fine. Free, passive health bonuses are not fine.

    Part V

    Self-healing abilities are clutch in pvp. Clerics are obviously going to be the best at self-healing, but luckily, if they want to heal themselves, their damage scales down accordingly (yes, I'm joking). Mages and Warriors have a few self-heal abilities, things like Kinship, Master of the Abyss, Mortality, Soul Purge. Most of these abilities do not take a big hit in damage, or do regular damage but take time to build up. Rogues got the short end of the stick here, there are two self-heal abilities: one is deep in riftstalker, which ironically gives you health if your target dies, but you are in a spec where you cannot kill anything. the second is in assassin, but if you use it, you take damage soon after and often die anyway.

    In an abstract way, self-healing is like having more health - and Rogues are getting shafted bigtime. Imagine being a 5500 health rogue trying to take down a 5500 health mage that is able to heal 2000 pts during the fight, without sacrificing his own DPS.

    This problem is compounded when combined with Part II, above. Self Healing becomes more important when the "net" effect is taken compared to valor and damage.


    Thanks for reading, comments welcome.
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    excellent points, especially about the whetstones and oilstones and nothing for bows/guns
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    All I see is your team gettin rolled but managing to win anyway.

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    I agree totally. Especially with the armor part. People say "It doesn't matter", well my 38 warrior is crafted 38has 43% physical mitigation, and my mage in augmented crafted 38 has 20%. Large difference.
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