What would happen if...

We cut valor in half on gear.

Made armor recieved in raids have a 30% hit to all stats when worn while in a WF.

Made fairly universal ( first 3 ranks ) PVP Souls and cut down the majority of what they have in them, just streamlined them.

As well as FINALLY divide the R1-R4 and R5-R8

Something like the following with basically a 2 column tree would allow the player the choice of upping thier survival with the possible loss of the fotm builds.

Would take 16 points to get the rank 4 ability, so would have to decide on a rank 51 build which you though was better.

Roots could remain same for each class if made sense.

Rank 1

5/5 each point grants 4% less damage taken from players

Rank 2a

3/3 Each point reduces dmg from AE by 3%
2/2 Reduces Cooldown of Break Free by 20 sec per point

Rank 2b

3/3 Each Rank increases healing recieved by 3%
2/2 Reduces your chance to be critically hit by players by 3% / 6%

Rank 3a
5/5 Increase DMG against players by 2% per point

Rank 3b
5/5 Increase Crit / heal chance against players by 1% per point

Rank 4 Would have a couple of options per class with only being allowed to pick one.