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Thread: Is your ignore list growing from warfronts?

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    Default Is your ignore list growing from warfronts?

    I'm not talking about ignoring opposing faction players, I'm talking about having to ignore players of your own faction who use foul language, or bad mouths and thereby lowers the morale of their own team members.

    I'm at Rank 6.5, I've been playing for a long while. Things have been very rough during the grind (and still are). But until the last month or so I don't think I had even 5 warfront players on my ignore list. Now I have a very large number of them (and I still get fast queues but haven't noticed being queued with those I've ignored).

    What's the reason for all this recent increase in faction back stabbing and nasty talk? Just my server cluster, or is this game wide? Or is it just that people are so stressed out with warfronts that they are losing control of themselves and taking out misdirected anger on their own team mates?
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    Nope, I have fine tuned my vision to filter out all trash talk so thierfore only read whats important.. dont worry it takes a while but its a skill that comes natrually as you pvp over the years
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    i prefer only positive attitudes in my player killing environment
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    All I see is your team gettin rolled but managing to win anyway.

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    Red face Ignore away - its a great game feature

    In my battlegroup most of us have one player on ignore from our faction (hi "P"group). It never fails to amuse me when newer players start responding to whatever trolls he is dishes and several people comment at once, "just put him on ignore - the rest of us have!". I love the ignore option and use it liberally, go ahead and use it too, really improves the enjoyment of the game.

    I also have "H" on ignore, he is the horrible warrior that complains about healing constantly. I suppose my rank 8 heals are insufficient for him. I not only have him on ignore now, I have him on my very short "do not heal" list, which only has one other player on it. Now I enjoy watching him die and not having to hear him whine about it. Pro tip! Warriors, I love you, I heal you first, even before I heal myself. I have been healing nonstop in wafronts since level 10. Do not complain about my healing.
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    It used to be pretty bad before school let out for Summer. Figure it will get bad again when the kiddies go back to school. Poor lil' things just don't know what to do with their frustration and tend to take it out on the Internet...
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