ok lots of QQing in pvp forum at the moment so lets do a summery for trion so they can look at it and implement change rather than just counless threads about the same thing

Ok one major issue that i see ppl moaning about is having p1 to p8 in the same wf trion split the groups have p1 to p5 in a wf and p6 to p8 in another i get no statisfaction in killing a player under prestige 8

second issue lengering wonds dont care what ppl say this is far to OP and needs toning down (this is important sort this now)

Third issue seeing as this is a complete grind and nothing to do with skill ppl that are not even putting there self out to grind up the ranks, but would rather cheat please just bann them, make a stand on this kinda behaviour now while the game is still kinda new and players wont take advantage and those kinda players will go to some other game which in the long run is better for trion

fourly mages damage is kinda op which is fine but maybe nerf it slightly and give them slightly more ccing ability's

fithly and this is the MOST important point of all PvP in rift needs changing i need a challenge, I dont like the fact this game is about the amount of time you spend on the game it should be more about skill give us a ranking systerm on where we get ranked as a group or a team because of the skill of the group not because we mindlessly farm all day

have i missed anything if so just post in bullet points below and i will write all the points up later and mail rift