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Thread: Non PvP Rifts to Be changed to PvP Immune Arenas

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    Default Non PvP Rifts to Be changed to PvP Immune Arenas

    It's high time that TRION is finally recognizing that players are leaving pvp servers for a number of reasons:
    There is no population balance between Defiant and Guardians.
    Free transfers have allowed PvE guilds to grind faster through all the content with immunity to pvp while amassing the best game gear. Then switch to pvp servers for free and over power the pvp players who progress at a normal rate through the game content.
    Forcing PvP server players who are not fully leveled, to have to go level on a PvE server.
    The recent add on of PvP rifts was a great idea, but leaving the essential Daily Raid Rift; necessary for sourcestone to buy best in slot items, open to pvp disruption was a mistake.

    TRION has acknowledge this over site, and is working diligently to correct it, by putting the DRR into a closed arena where the group can work the rift without interference.

    This was originally advertised as a main mechanic in the game in their videos and for release, and TRION intends to make it happen.
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    So you start the thread asking for something...and end it by pointing out Trion is already doing it?
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