why do the melee classes have all the battle field control and mobiltiy.

as a caster or rpds you are meant to have control, to be able to root, snare, fear of that sort. We dont.
our tools are on harsh DRs our mass Cc is high up the line, roots snare and such are bypassed instantly, we have too few ways to get out of melee range and when used, they are instantly countered.

melee on the other hand, they can dive in and out of stealth, run at imhuman speed while being immune to all forms of cc, teleport next to you like bison out of streetfighter, they can aslo teleport chain and sprint making them godly flag runners.

warriors being unstoppable with chain teleporting charging...

in short, WTF IS GOING ON GIVE US CASTER SOME FREAKING ROOM TO BREATH, we want CC that freaking works.