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Thread: Mind Quickening Brew...

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    Default Mind Quickening Brew...

    Seriously? I've combed through all the forums, been through all the posts, done a bunch of research, and I still can't find ONE thread or even post complaining about how Mind Quickening Brew was unbalancing WFs.

    Seen a bunch about Rgoues and Riftstalkers making WFS unplayable... nothing done about that.

    Seen a bunch about people going unpunished after exploiting the PvP rifts... people that openly bragged about it are still walking around with their gear owning everyone else that are doing it legitimately.

    Seen a bunch of post of how warriors are too easy to play, unsnarable, have too much CC and too much burst... still a sea of them in WFs.

    But Mind Quickening Brew gets a hotfix nerf? Perhaps we should stop developing this game according to what irks individual devs in WFs, and start developing it according to a general consensus of the player base. One of the main reasons WoW PvP and raiding got unplayable was its bare bones minimum approach to prepping: any sort of prework farming mats to make your character more successful was frowned upon as somehow beneath the 'competitive' nature of the game.

    I'll translate that last sentence for you: lazy people wanted to be put on the same footing as people that weren't lazy. Blah... blah... blah... "You have 5 jobs, 77 children to feed, and time invested shouldn't be a determining factor in how successful you are in game. You're a really cool guy and get invited to all the parties and have 10 separate GFs, and really can't be stuck farming mats for whatever it is you like doing"

    THEN DON'T BUY AN RPG! They are not coin op, ready out of the box, gaming experiences. You are not meant to be ready for raiding the first day you log your character on, and aren't meant to be successful in WFs the first week you queue up.
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    You realize that the Quickening Brews allowed shard runners to be even more OP, right?

    I was one of the first people to utilize it months ago. I could literally run and teleport across Whitefall within half a minute. The stealth nerf was needed, especially because the brews had no cooldown at all.
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