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Thread: Why can't we report P1/2 players for zoning into the match?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultrazen View Post
    There is no such thing as a ranged spec in this game, if you're playing against anything but braindead opponents. Refreshing gap closers, that are not on any kind of DR, coupled with snares, stuns, silences, and interrups, with a dash of 2k dps thrown in have seen to that.

    This game has devolved into Quake.
    Don't bring Quake into this, Quake was amazing and challenging and balanced.

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    Clearly a troll. No way can he be serious.

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    They really should split up the different levels of prestige. It was very aggrevating to rank up at the start of level 50 pvp. At least splitting them up like ranks 1-4 and 5-8 would help. Getting destroyed by rank 6+ premades is not fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reiz View Post
    lol, really? Only warriors huh? Even though it often seems like it there are actually 3 other classes in this game besides warriors.

    Please tell me this entire thread is a joke. If it's not a troll thread then I vote we should be able to vote kick people based on how stupid they are. Op first on the list.
    Warriors are only class which cant possible manage to live and be usefull with crappy gear. Very first Scion I did on my mage (cloro/lock ofc) alt, r1 and just some crafted gear, I was 3rd in damage done and first in heals done. Yes it was mostly 'worthless' ae dam/healing, but good luck being anywhere that usefull with r1 warrior. Rogues can do same with bards and they can be very usefull as MMs. Clerics obviosly can be usefull even naked. All you need is situational awarness when you have no valor or much health. But how you charge the frontline and avoid danger is something I haven't been able to figure yet.

    And yes this threat is joke. Nobody can actually suggest something like that, for anything else than trying to point out to Trion that WFs needed to be separated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corebot View Post
    So you started at rank 3+ did ya
    Don't be silly!
    He was born rank 6 and then he exploited prestige on PvP rifts for 1 hour and got rank 9.(Yes he is more than Trion allows.)

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    Hi everyone,

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