As everyone probably knows by now a new warfront is being added in 1.5.
i would suggest that this one warfront have capped stats, wherein everyone who joins is on a fairly equal playing field. it would be even bettter if we could fiddle with our base stats too to allow for our own individual playstyles (ie war and clerics liking crit) but thats in the maybe later basket.

This would allow those new to pvp warfronts a place to rank and gear up without the huge gear disparity that quite often occurs. It would also allow those of us who prefer playing on an equal playing field and testing our skill a place to go.

those that still want gear dependent pvp still have their place.. no loss. It would also b a good test for the capped stats idea in warfronts to see how popular it could be. It would also be a far better place to test the balance between classes rather than basing it on the current pvp and inherent gear disparity.