I guess it feels like.. when you had just left your high school, all your friends, maybe a few dramas and/or fights, for most semi-challenging work.
Then you head of to Uni.. your first month.. the work seems so much more difficult, all your friends are off in other places, you went to the pub the other night and some guy stole your wallet.
It seems that all the kudos does to those who are in the middle of writing their thesis.

kind of a reflection of level 50 warfronts?
You get a better job when you have done more years at uni... and you get better valor as you afk through your rankings.
You look back on your days at high school (level 30-49) and you think... that shiit seemed so much more balanced and old school.

anyway this probably sounds so ridiculous.

it just feels that before level 50, people used skill rather than gear to win a warfront.