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Thread: Heal Over Time Cumulation in pvp .

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    Default Heal Over Time Cumulation in pvp .

    Trion tried to nerf a little the heal in pvp .
    In fact is a real Fail .

    The cumulation of different Heal is just insane in warfont .
    Sometime you are in warfont with 5 chloro + 3 Cleric .

    When you have this type of configuration i want to say :

    Case 1 : The class choose in warfont sux .

    Case 2 : State of Over Heal should never happen in Warfont .

    Individualy, ok , healer are not (too much) Imba .
    But in group and the cumulation of Heal ... it's an other story and i think the most conplain about heal find them source of this fact .

    (Heal debuff is just a joke with the amount of little hot you get .)

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    Was this written by GoogleTranslator? I think this person wants heals nerfed more, and dps increased? Sure why not, make the exodus faster!

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    with 1400 spellpower my hot tics for 120 health ............ get over it.
    How much do you HATE BISHOPX?
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