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Thread: I can't wait to hit r8... so I never have to que again =)

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    Default I can't wait to hit r8... so I never have to que again =)

    My top 20 complaints =)

    -Premades when I solo que
    -Boring warfronts
    -AFK players
    -My wargroup of 20 min ques
    -Heals or the lack thereof
    -God mode healers
    -Super squishy healers
    -Mages with 10k HP and a full heal
    -Riftblade anyone?
    -Keyboard turners who can't mark
    -Cabolists who complain about heals
    -12 rogues but no bard? are youfknkidding me?
    -Rifstalker teleporting with the part
    -War dmg nerf... why not just Hurricane and LW?
    -Dom is still too good
    -Pyro still sucks
    -Snare is useless (seriously, wtf is this on dr again?)
    -PVE servers mixed with PVP (who thought that guys with r8 gear fighting upcoming r1 players? should be donkey punched)
    -Andy Gershowitz

    Whenever the next sub round is up, expect communication a couple weeks before.

    Anyway, halfway through 7 for my easymode HK gear. Wish me luck!

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    Man you have a lot of reasons.. I have one:
    - I prefer world pvp over warfronts any day.

    When I'm r8 i'll go back to world pvp again.

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    the people are truly ruining the mmo experience
    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodbourne View Post
    All I see is your team gettin rolled but managing to win anyway.

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