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Thread: Focus needed for PvP... How much should a mage wear?

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    Default Focus needed for PvP... How much should a mage wear?

    I am wondering what causes casters to get resisted spells?
    Is it the air resist or death resist given on lessers, that we need focus to cover?
    or do we need certain amount of focus to never get a resist on a naked player?

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    Yes it's the resist stats. Not only lessers have them, but also some trinkets, runes and there's more importantly also alot of buffs that give + resist against certain damage types. I'd suggest getting the focus rune for your legs and a PvE weapon with focus if you have one so you don't miss out on valor gear. If you don't have a decent PvE weapon a wand with focus will also do but then you will see some resists occasionally against people who stacked a certain resist type.

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