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Thread: Gear/Rank Brackets in Warfronts

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    Default Gear/Rank Brackets in Warfronts

    Because of the general link between pvp rank and valor score, there is a painful division between players who are just starting to gear their characters at the level cap and those who have reached higher ranks. I think that there should be a division in Warfronts between higher ranks and lower. Running into a Warfront in rank 2-3 gear and getting hammered by rank 8s is painful and hardly a competition for either side. If Warfronts were generated based on gear brackets or rank they would be more balanced and more enjoyable for everyone. Newer pvp players can gear up while competing with players closer to their own valor score and the higher ups will have more of a challenge that can allow for a greater challenge. This change would keep Warfronts enjoyable and challenging while ensuring that skill and strategy is a dominate factor.

    More than likely this change has probably been suggested before and I didn't see it, but I think it is a nice partial solution to create more balanced and challenging Warfronts.

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    yeah there has been heaps of these suggestions, which is good.
    I totally agree.
    I feel that i let my team down going into a wf as a rank 2 when i can't really do much.

    I'm sure they will change this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shakespeare View Post
    More than likely this change has probably been suggested before
    Yes, more than likely. And the same counter arguments exist.
    - longer queue times (perhaps your wf pops are short, but some servers suffer from already frustrating long waits)
    - many players feel that after putting in all the time it takes to reach high rank, they should be able to dominate every once in a while, not always face equal gear or better geared opponents
    - for actual real competitive and fair pvp, this is not your game. Trion refuses to consider rated warfronts or any kind of arena, so this is what we have.

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