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Thread: PvP queues and how they could improve

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    Default PvP queues and how they could improve

    Queue Single?

    PvP Roulette, where the system goes out of its way to separate players from the same server apart. As random as possible, and the only downside is how completely random some of the games could be (zomg 7 warriors on one side). The best way to just jump in and blow off steam, or play god among the unwashed masses.

    Queue Duo?

    Lets make the Duet the new "premade". It will be way more popular than all those other times we tried to stick "new" onto something. In all seriousness tho, due to this game's good balance regarding classes, and poor balance regarding gear, the most feared thing out there isn't a premade, it's the husband/wife combo of unbeatable warrior/cleric. Pocket healers rule this game, and it would create a whole new breed of strategy if RIFT catered to "couples" that play games together. Just fire your marketing guys right now and hire me.

    Queue Competitive Bracket?

    This is where all the bad boys go. THIS IS THE ONLY BRACKET where Valor should be allowed imo. The singles and duos are for pve gear too, and generally are fun little "gib-fests". The competitive bracket is where you go because you WANT to compete. You make 20% more favor, 5% more prestige, and you can wear gear with Valor on it, designed for PvP. Premades are not an issue because you don't queue for this if you're not dedicated. Erect statues or fountains with the weekly top Favor winners and Killing Blow holders from only the Competitive Bracket. Allow players to register teams of 5 for an added bonus of 5% prestige. Being registered gives you a sense of pride while it gives Trion dedicated, sustained players, only for the Competitive bracket.

    Give them a reason to matter Trion, and they will give you a game that matters.
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