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Thread: The PvP Window should come with a disclaimer

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    Default The PvP Window should come with a disclaimer

    Brave Ascendent, know that the battle you about to embark upon is both dangerous as it is taxing on the soul. The reward could be great, but understand you focus now on the task at hand. Only click the Queue button if you are ready to work as a team and try to win, for you will stand side by side with your brothers and sisters. Best of luck to you this day, Ascended. Queue single? Queue duo? Queue Competitive bracket?

    If you force the player to make an informed decision enough times, it just might catch on.

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    I agree with you on this topic.

    I also think there should be a rather specific warning window that must be acknowledged when choosing a PvP server - something along the lines of "By choosing this server you are consenting to the possibility of being perpetually camped by several max level well geared players, who you will have no chance against, for the entirety of your stay on the server. Make friends and expect no sympathy".

    However, I think we're both giving entirely too much credence to the belief that average human beings will actually read something when given the chance, be it informational, warning, or whatever.
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