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Thread: When will get see Slip Away getting a buff?

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    Thumbs up When will get see Slip Away getting a buff?

    Every post about warriors, clerics and 8khp mages is scathing. Yet, no one says rogues are overpowered - which I can confirm - yet they are upset they cannot get a "kill shot" EVERY time so want to nerf us further.

    I say the reverse. We not only need to keep slip away as it is, we need to buff the AP rogues get and substantially improve the finisher damage or else we will never kill a warrior or cleric. We need more crit focused improvements in damage and more burst damage on a longer timer.
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    not sure what "when will get see slip away getting a buff" means, but rogues get about a 1200-1500 crit from final blow after spending 6-8 GCD's (6 for weak 3CP bleed, 8 for a 5CP bleed)

    we can spend 8 GCD's setting up a strong final blow + serpent strike combo, assuming we have our consumables on and can keep up for 8 GCD's (and they didn't do a single push back or snare ability which destroys our chances) in order to deal 2000-3000 damage in one GCD. all our other damage getting there is healed easily, then our big burst that we had to spend so long to set up is overhealed through with a single instant heal.

    that 8 GCD becomes 10 GCD if you want to apply anathema and foul play
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    All I see is your team gettin rolled but managing to win anyway.

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    Right after the flying mounts.

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    I think Slip Away should also cleanse all debuffs.
    Why Rogues have to use another ability(cleanse soul) to actually use slip away?
    Buff slip away.
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